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“Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs

is people who have come alive.” - Howard Thurman

This quote from Howard Thurman embodies the spirit of

Movement Matters and awakens the capacity to free yourself from the constraints of self-doubt and social pressures to 

allow deeper aspects to flow freely and spontaneously. 

I think most of us intuitively know this to be true. I also think that most of us have found places in our own lives where we experience great freedom and flow. And we love those parts of ourselves!

As children we experienced a LOT of freedom, spontaneity and the joy it brings.

But life happens. We get cautious, damp down our passions, and we lose confidence in some areas of ourselves and our lives. We get used to our limitations and tight places and it 

becomes our 'new normal' and we call it ageing!

The good news is that it doesn't take much to start surprising yourself with the creativity, brilliance and wisdom that arise when you learn to open and trust yourself and your innate capacity to learn the Feldenkrais Way - Nature's Way.

Why bother? Because it's better. It's juicier and you'll be a whole heap happier. You will have a bigger impact on the people around you, and you'll feel like you're

truly living the life you're meant to live.


A series of rich sensory movement experiences, full of interesting detail and insights that cultivate skillful movement possibilities through exploration, and observation.


“Genius, of the magnitude possessed by Moshe Feldenkrais, defies categorization… He could function at the highest level in nuclear physics, as a martial artist, as an inventor, as a developer of top-secret counterespionage projects, and as one of the most prescient observers of neuroscience.”

… But the role for which he would have wished to be remembered was his bringing all these backgrounds together to become one of the most important forces in holistic healing, who fused insights from Eastern thought and Western science in a whole new way.

Now, finally the great integrative genius and master of turning scientific insights into practical ways to help people has found, in Mark Reese, the biographer he deserves.

Moshe Feldenkrais: A Life in Movement, Volume One is a fastidiously researched, exciting, profoundly insightful story that gets deep inside the mind of the swashbuckling, theatrical, brilliant integrator, as he lived through many of the greatest intellectual, political and scientific events of the the 20th century.

He, in his struggle to overcome his own major injury, pioneered a unique way of teaching people to learn how to learn, and to change their brains, by increasing awareness of whatever they did, providing the foundation for a gentle but powerful approach to alleviating human suffering.

Norman Doidge, MD, author of The Brain That Changes Itself and The Brain’s Way of Healing.


Offers an approach to whole body movement that improves your capacity to move freely, easily, powerfully and safely.
This truly remarkable and unique brain based approach, access's the brain's remarkable capacity to change and heal ... this process is called neuroplasticity.
As a participant you will transform your relationship with yourself. You will learn fresh new ways to move in your body comfortably and easily as you go about your day at home - eg. how to reach, push, pull, turn etc. While at work sitting for long periods of time, and outside playing with your kids and friends - eg. playing an instrument, swimming, walking, surfing, gardening, singing ... you name it!.

"when we know what we do, we can do what we want" ...

-Dr Moshé Feldenkrais Ph.D

Consider that sensations and feelings of joy, pleasure or pain is how your intelligent body expresses it's state of well being.
When you hurt or experience tightness, stiffness or tension either emotionally, physically or mentally, your body is calling for you to notice and investigate. Like a flashing amber light on the dashboard of your car indicates, all is not well under 'the hood'!
Culturally we have been conditioned to respond to the flashing light in the car immediately, however, when it comes to body discomforts humans have been socialised to minimise, normalise and ignore body signs and signals ... at a huge cost!
Sandy's legacy and passion is to educate, empower, dissolve and re-program outdated postural habits of thinking, moving and sensing. To open up a whole new world of purpose and possibility in all areas of your life. Where the debilitating inherited legacy of the body-mind split, is transformed to an embodied, fully present, connected relationship with self, others and the natural world.
All this and more is achieved by engaging the brain's remarkable capacity to change, known as neuroplasticity.

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“It is not just a method of body movement, but rather
an awakening of body resourcefulness and creativity.” 

-Ruthy Alon, Student of Moshe Feldenkrais and subsequently an International Feldenkrais Trainer


>> Where are you stiff, tight, tender or sore?

>> How does body discomfort or pain impact what you do, how you think, and what you are feeling?

>> Are you feeling disheartened and 'old' before your time?

>> Is your spirit willing BUT your body is not!

>> Maybe, you have an injury you can’t seem to heal and you've tried everything!

>> Have you run out of mental 'band-width'? Feel impatient frustrated and irritable?

>> Is a busy mind, constant worry, stress or anxiety draining your energy?

BUT HEY LISTEN UP ... It doesn't have to be that way!

To ignore and push aside these signs will be at your peril because your body will NOT give up until it's needs have been met.


Unravelling often confusing body signs and symptoms, is what the Feldenkrais Method® and approach is all about.


rolling out of bed, relaxed, well slept and fully replenished ready for your day ... was your norm?


a brisk early morning walk along the beach, a swim, some pottering time in the garden, a game of tennis, golf, a day long hike, or having fun taking the kids off for an adventure ... was your norm?


simply jumping for joy because you can, and living your life to the fullest ... was your norm?


>> Improve quality of life, grow skills of resilience, focus, flexibility, creativity, and ability to adapt across multiple domains mentally, emotionally and physically. 

>> The Feldenkrais Method® is known as a powerful approach that restores ease to human movement by tapping into the brain’s life-long capacity for learning.

>> Through directed movement exploration, students learn to improve their mobility while gently guiding them to address the challenges that may emerge from habits and injuries developed over the course of their life. 

>>The Feldenkrais Method® belief is that everyone has the ability to transform, and in the process, discover their potency and vitality.


“My golf is more relaxed, I have an easier swing and I'm no longer anxious about my performance. I also turn to look behind me more easily. I used to strain my neck but this morning I spontaneously tuned without pain or limitation. I am much more aware of everything I do, I feel myself very differently. It's so simple and so amazing, I feel energised and years younger than 56!”  — Mary, NSW

"Over the past 4 months I have had no race fatigue and my post race recovery has improved by at least 75%. My energy and stamina has improved dramatically. My overall alertness, mental focus, clarity and functionality has improved by at least 50%." — Denise, Triathlete, Victoria

"Why would you work with Sandy? Because what she does works! I had been suffering from immense back pain due to sitting long hours at my computer. Sandy taught my body new ways to sit that are no longer painful. At first it seemed too simple. Nothing that required massive changes on my behalf, but the results were miraculous. She knows what she's doing. If you have body aches and pain, she's the woman! Thank you so much Sandy for your wisdom, your gentleness and help." — C. Hauser, USA

"What a journey this year has been. I can't thank you enough for helping me discover the joy of moving freely again."— Barbara, Victoria

"I'm in my fifties and was numb and not very aware of myself at all! Now I'm more alive and can feel myself from the inside out. I just love it! I am much more confident, everyone should know about this! It's liberating, it’s all such common sense and so amazingly simple. Incredible, thank you Sandy." — Fiona, Australia