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Movement Matters Subscription Membership

# Access 2 online zoom classes weekly

# Mondays & Thursdays

# 6-7pm weekly

# $99 per mth ($12 per class)

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I'm very excited to offer you exclusive access to our 

'Movement Matters' Online Community.

We're all seeking to improve our physical integrity, uphold our emotional dignity, and

extend the functional quality of our lifespan.

Let us help you unlearn, unlock and improve! 

We are excited to welcome you into our community and provide you with the tools and resources necessary to not only enhance your coordination but to also empower you to thrive in all aspects of your life. 

We offer a clear, compassionate and science-based practice of the Feldenkrais Method® to support and supercharge your personal and professional growth. 

We are dedicated to helping you

refine your standards of coordination and executive function

so you can thrive in an ever-changing world.

Whether you have a passion for movement, are in need of a smoother on-ramp to fitness and function, or are a professional who relies on world-class coordination, 'Movement Matters' offers the ideal practices to fuel your sustainable journey towards physical

integrity and emotional dignity. 

Together, we strive to achieve personal growth and create a supportive, motivating

environment where everyone can flourish. Our community leverages the power of

blending attention and action and honors the importance of building a solid foundation for your well-being

"Make the impossible possible,

the possible easy, and the easy elegant" - Moshe Feldenkrais



✅ Access to two 'LIVE' 75min online sessions per week.

Weekly times are 5:45-7pm Mondays & Thursdays every week.

 Access to recorded replays of live sessions to view at your convienence

 Direct FREE access to Sandy 24/7, as a valued Movement Matters subscriber

 'Live' zoom sessions in the comfort and safety of your chosen location .

 A safe place to share, celebrate, connect and grow together as a

thriving Feldy community

 Resources, interviews, video clips and articles of interest

✅ As a valued Movement Matters Member you qualify to offer a famly member or friend a FREE GUEST PASS to attend one 'live' session as a taster. (Please notify Sandy in advance)



(Bi-weekly 'live' sessions - cancel anytime)


(Pay for 11 months and receive one month FREE)


"I've been a long time member of Sandy's Movement Matters Membership Programs and am delighted by the simplicity yet profundity of her appraoch. 

I feel better about living in my body than I ever have before. Sandy is a passionate, warm and knowledgeable teacher who fosters understanding and clarity"... Sharon Davey Melb.

Sandy's committment to you is to bring her wealth of lived experiences as a passionate Feldenkrais practitioner, physiotherapist specialised in developmental paediatrics and rehabilitation and as an octogenarian grandmother to all her sessions.

Our vibrant supportive community holds a safe and playful learning environment for you to discover your own natural superpowers for reducing pain, navigating adversity, and awakening ease and pleasure in everyday living.

Each Monday and Thursday, you have the opportunity to talk with Sandy,

experience a full Awareness Through Movement Feldenkrais lesson and listen and learn as others freely share their experiences 

Our vibrant Movement Matters Membership offers a lifelong investment in an

entirely fresh, new, remarkable and sustainable way.


We give incredible value. People join and stay!


- Because our sessions are personalised, you will feel safe, heard and seen by Sandy within the emotional safety of our sessions.

- Because we meet online in the comfort and warmth of your own home or travelling destination (log in from anywhere to join us on zoom)

- Because we remove the hassle of leaving home on a cold winters evening.

- Because you can login any time, any day, and participate in a lesson

- Because you know that regular engagement leads to maximum improvement

- Because connecting with others is inspiring and uplifting.